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The Rules Regarding the En Passant Move in Chess

Players must know the rules concerning the En Passant move since the rules will help them gain advantages in official games.

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When Can a Player Resign From a Particular Chess Game?

There are times that new chess players or amateur players get discouraged when they lose in official chess games. According to professionals, losing in chess games does not mean that a player will not succeed or does not have any future in this particular sport. Like in warfare, retreating is a strategic move that some military officials do to ensure wins. Even professionals sometimes resign in their games. In chess games, resigning is not a sign of defeat. Players must view it in a positive light because it still opens new opportunities to them.

There are situations in chess games wherein players have no other choice than to resign. In these situations, resigning is the best move that players can do. By resigning, it will give them more time to prepare for the next games. In this case, it is important that players know when to resign or not in a particular chess game.

Based on the experiences of advanced chess players who are able to participate in chess tournaments, there are three instances that usually lead players to resign in the game. The first instance is when a player predicts that after several moves, the opponent will announce a checkmate and there is no other way that the player will avoid it.

The other situation usually happens in end games wherein the opponent has captured a powerful piece of a player and the player has no other chance to win the game. Players are also allowed to resign if the opponent was able to promote a pawn which gives the opponent a great advantage in the game.

In chess tournaments or other official chess games, most players choose to resign than allowing their opponents to make a checkmate. They see resigning as a good way of saving their reputation in such events. In addition, professionals see resigning as an opportunity to prepare for the succeeding games.

As a whole, we can conclude that resigning is often viewed by professionals as an opportunity and not as something that would affect their confidence and morale. Players should know that resigning is a common situation that occurs in official games of chess. Once again, players are reminded of the situations that are considered when they want to resign in a particular game. However, if there are other effective ways to avoid or prevent the occurrence of a checkmate, players should not resort to resigning. It is helpful of players view resigning as a last resort when playing the game.



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