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The Rules Regarding the En Passant Move in Chess

Players must know the rules concerning the En Passant move since the rules will help them gain advantages in official games.

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The Touch-Move Rule in Chess

A board game that is capable of enhancing players' cognition, chess is used by many people as a stepping stone in having a prosperous and successful life. Most players decide to make a career in this game because of the economic opportunities that await them if they will just focus on learning the important aspects of chess. The achievements of international grandmasters motivate new players to continue exploring the effective ways to have better chances of winning in chess games.

Learning the official rules followed in chess is essential before a player can participate in formal chess games and tournaments. Players should have deep knowledge about these rules to avoid losses when they play in such events. Tournament directors are allowed to give sanctions to players who do not follow the official rules in chess. Hence, to avoid being sanctioned in chess tournaments, every player should have a background on the basic official rules in playing this game.

The touch move rule is one of the fundamental rules in chess that players must know. This rule is also applied in amateur games and tournaments. The rule is very basic that if players failed to follow or apply it, it may create bad impression towards them.

There are four situations that players must consider when they follow the touch move rule. According to professional chess players, when in professional chess tournaments, players must move the piece that they first touch if that piece has legal moves. For instance if a player has already touched the pawn, the player is required to move that particular piece.

If a player wishes to adjust the position of a particular chess piece in the board, that player should inform the opponent by saying "I adjust." In that way, the opponent will know that the player has no intention of moving it.

The third situation that calls for the touch move rule is when a pawn has been placed in the eighth rank. If a player still plans to make a different move, the player must not release the piece until the move is done. Also, a pawn will only be a queen if it has been moved out from that square.

Above all, it is important to know that when castling, a player must first move the king before moving the rook. If a player accidentally touches the rook, then that player is required to castle with the use of the rook which may be a disadvantageous move.

As a whole, the touch move rule is easy to learn and apply. It is very fundamental in playing chess so it is necessary that players have an idea about this rule before they play chess games against professionals.



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