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The Rules Regarding the En Passant Move in Chess

Players must know the rules concerning the En Passant move since the rules will help them gain advantages in official games.

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The Check and Checkmate Rules

Checking is an essential rule that players must know when they play chess. Checking is a move wherein a particular chess piece threatens or attacks the king. Checks are usually made by players to trap or pin the king which is considered as the most important and fragile piece in chess.

Checkmate is similar with checking, however, checkmate refers to an attack to the king wherein the king has no legal moves left. It is also the move that usually ends a chess game. Checks and checkmate is very crucial in chess. This is the reason why players should know the rules that apply to these important moves to avoid unnecessary events to happen.

When a player is checked by opponent, the player should move the king in a safe position. According to the experiences of professionals, there are three moves that players can make whenever an opponent checks the king. The first move that a player can do whenever the king is to place it in a square where there are no other pieces that can attack the king.

Secondly, the player can also capture or take the piece that is used by an opponent to check the king. The player can use other piece to take the piece that made the check or even the king itself given that there are no other pieces that will place the king in another check. Another move that a player can do is to block the piece that made the check. In this manner, the king will be in a safer position and there will be another piece to protect the king.

When players play official games of chess, they should bear in mind that players have the option to announce a check or not. Hence, it is really important that players watch and assess every move made in the game. When the king was checked by the opponent and the king has no other legal moves to make, then a checkmate happens and the game ends. The player who made the checkmate wins the game.

The two moves discussed in this section should be known to every chess player. There is no use playing the game if players are not well-informed about checking and being checkmated. Following the official check and checkmate rules will help players have fair chance of winning in chess. Furthermore, players should spend time learning the strategies that are commonly used by professionals to check their opponents.



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