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The Rules Regarding the En Passant Move in Chess

Players must know the rules concerning the En Passant move since the rules will help them gain advantages in official games.

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The Rules Governing the Castling Defensive Move in Chess

Chess strategies and techniques play important roles in attaining success in the game. It is impossible for a player to succeed if one does not know any tactic or strategy to employ. Players who are strategic are usually the ones who win in official chess games. Establishing strong offense and stable defense systems are essential to have advantages in chess.

According to experienced players, castling is an advantageous move that every chess player must not forget whenever they are engaged in serious chess games. Castling is also considered as an effective defense strategy in the game. Players who castle at the early phase of the game will have a dominant position. Basically, castling is done to secure the king in a safe position. Above all, this move helps players balance their offense and defense strategies.

There are rules that should be learned by players before they can effectively or successfully make this move. In official chess games, it is necessary that players follow the rules when they wish to castle. Castling rules are not hard to understand so players will not have difficulty following them.

When a player plans to castle, the player must ensure that there are no other pieces that are placed in the middle of the rook and the king. In addition, players should also remember that the pieces to be moved when castling are still in their original position. Lastly, players cannot make this defensive move if the king is in check.

To castle, players must bear in mind that the first piece to touch is the king. It is inappropriate to castle with the use of the rook. Players should choose which rook to castle to know the position where the king should be placed. The king should be moved two squares towards the position of the rook then the rook must be moved to the last square where the king has passed.

The presence of three pawns in front of the king protects the king from opposing pieces that may threaten or attack the king. On the other hand, castling also allows the rook to be more useful when it comes to initiating attacks against the opposing pieces.

Castling opens opportunities to players. It is both an offensive and defensive strategy. However, players should know the rules to be followed when they castle. Otherwise, this move will not be recognized as legal when players are participating in official games of chess.



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