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The Rules Regarding the En Passant Move in Chess

Players must know the rules concerning the En Passant move since the rules will help them gain advantages in official games.

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Learn the Different Rules of Chess Through DVDs

Learning the fundamental rules in playing chess is important to the success of players. Without a background on chess rules, players are discouraged to try playing the game even in informal settings or gatherings. Chess rules are significant to guide players and instruct them about the basics in playing this fascinating board game. If players will not allot time for discovering and learning the chess rules, they will have a difficult time learning the legal moves as well as effective tactics that can be employed in the game.

There are three ways to easily learn the rules that apply to this exciting board game. First of all, players can look for professional chess players who are willing to teach beginners about the fundamentals in playing chess. Players can also buy and read books that are written by chess experts and champions which contain information about chess rules. Lastly, players can watch instructional videos or DVDs that are produced for people who want to know the rules of the game.

A good example of instructional video that chess players can use is entitled "Winning Chess the Easy Way: Chess for Absolute Beginners." In the video, Susan Polgar, a chess champion, instructs players about the important elements of the game. Aside from sharing her knowledge about the official rules of the game, Polgar also teaches players the moves and opening strategies in chess through this video.

Another video produced by Polgar which will also help players learn the rules in chess is the video titled "Winning Chess the Easy Way: The Basic Principles of Chess." Unlike the aforementioned video which discusses the legal moves in chess, this video highlights the rules as well as the basic tactics to be applied in the game. Hence, those who will have the chance to view this will have an edge in games and tournaments participated by beginners and intermediate chess players.

The instructional videos mentioned in this article are truly reliable and helpful. However, players should still explore other DVDs that will teach them about the basic rules in chess. Many Web sites in the Internet permit players to have a peek at the videos before they purchase them. In that case, players can weigh and assess which videos will surely help them extend their knowledge about chess rules. Furthermore, players can also buy the videos that also cover other subjects like the strategies and tactics that can be used in chess.



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