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The Rules Regarding the En Passant Move in Chess

Players must know the rules concerning the En Passant move since the rules will help them gain advantages in official games.

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Knowing How to Set-Up a Chess Game

Based on the experience of both amateurs and professional players alike, setting up a chess game is not that hard to do. The two most important elements of a chess game are the chess board and the chess pieces. After knowing the starting positions of the different chess pieces on the checkered board, players can now start enjoying the exciting aspects of the game. Situating the various pieces at the proper places is very important because it maintains the spirit of fairness as well as the integrity of this strategy game.

A chess board is typically made up of 64 equally-sized squares. It consists of light and dark squares that are arranged alternately to create a checkered effect. As an initial start up, the players should always maintain the light-colored square at the bottom-most right side of the board. This is a standard procedure particularly in the tournament setting and should always be followed.

With this initial setup, the white chess pieces should be arranged at the southern part of the board. On the other hand, the dark chess pieces should be arranged at the opposite end of the board as it resembles a mirror image of the various white pieces. As a start, only the first two rows of each side of the board are to be filled. It is like an initial face-off between two warring sides.

Each side should be arranged like this. The two rooks should be placed at the outermost sides of the board. These would then be followed by the two knights. Closer deep into the middle are the bishops. The remaining two squares will be occupied by a king and a queen. The player assigned to the white pieces should place the queen within the remaining light square. The king would then be placed on the only remaining square. The same also goes for the player assigned to the dark pieces.

After placing the highest ranked chess pieces at their proper places, the lower-ranked pawns would have to be placed in front to cover them. At the same time, the high ranked pieces would support their low ranked companions. After the setup is finished, each side should have two rooks, two knights, two bishops. Simultaneously, they should also have a single queen, one king, and eight pawns. These are the basic pieces that complete a chess game.

Upon the completion of this initial setup, the two players can now move on to play the game. The very first one to make a move into the game is the player with the light-colored pieces followed by the player with the dark-colored pieces. They would have to make moves alternately until the game ends up with a result.



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