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The Rules Regarding the En Passant Move in Chess

Players must know the rules concerning the En Passant move since the rules will help them gain advantages in official games.

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Guidelines to Determine a Draw in Chess

Known as a challenging but fascinating board game, chess is not just a game played by adults but also a sport that captures the interest of young players. If we look at the history of this game, we can see that there are chess grandmasters who are able to win the title at age 14. The grandmasters are considered by other players as prodigy since they establish a name in chess history at a young age.

Before playing official games of chess, players are encouraged to first know the official chess rules. These will guide them and help them beat other players easily. Having knowledge about the official chess rules also allow players to be more competent and confident when they join in some chess tournaments. In addition, knowing the official chess rules will save players from sanctions or punishments that tournament directors implement to maintain formality and order in the events.

There are several official chess rules that players should know and one of these is the occurrence of draws in chess games. Some situations are considered before a draw would be announced in official games. The occurrence of a stalemate, usually in end games, is an indicator that a particular game ends in a draw. As known to professional chess players, a stalemate is a situation wherein a king has no other move to make.

A draw can also be announced if there are no possible ways for both players to check their opponents. An agreement between two opposing players that a game be ended in a draw is also allowed in chess tournaments.

There are also situations in chess games that allow one of the players to call for the occurrence of a draw. One of these is when a player made fifty subsequent moves and the opponent failed to check the king or take one of the pieces of that player. A player can also call for a draw if a similar position has been observed in the game three times.

A draw is very important to players who are at risk of losing the game. Chess players should remember these rules because they will have better chances in the game if they have knowledge about them. If players are knowledgeable about these rules and they get into a situation wherein a draw is possible to happen, they can easily weigh the advantages and disadvantages of announcing a draw with their opponents.



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