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The Rules Regarding the En Passant Move in Chess

Players must know the rules concerning the En Passant move since the rules will help them gain advantages in official games.

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Books that Focus on Chess Rules

A board game that captivated the hearts of elite people in early times, chess is considered as a popular sport followed by intelligent and patient players. To be a successful chess player, one must be able to analyze the playing style of other chess players. Patience is one of the good traits that players should have in order to win in official chess games.

Players must be patient when it comes to discovering the various aspects of chess. Learning the rules of the game require a lot of time and commitment from players. For amateurs, they can look for chess professionals who are willing to be their mentors and who are willing to teach them about the basic rules that they should know about the game.

New chess players can also look at books that provide comprehensive instructions on how chess is played. Most of these books are authored by international chess grandmasters so readers have nothing to worry about their content. Almost all of the authors of chess books are qualified to share their knowledge about the game. Their achievements are good indicators that they are experienced in playing chess.

The book entitled "Official Rules of Chess: Professional, Scholastic and Internet Chess Rules," is a good reference when players want to know the rules that they must follow when they participate in official games of chess. This book is reliable not just for players of live chess games but also for players of online chess. It is well-written so readers will not have problems understanding the terms used by its author.

On the other hand, John Bain's book "Chess Rules, Tactics and Checkmate! Ideas for Students," is useful for new players who want to excel in chess. The book comes with workbooks which allow players to test their knowledge and skills in playing this game.

Lastly, the book entitled "Chess Rules of Thumb," contains information about the fundamentals in the game. The official rules implemented in international chess tournaments are discussed and elaborated in the book. It also explored some of the opening games that beginners can use when they play chess.

These are only few of the books that players can use as references when they want to gain more knowledge about the basic and official rules in chess. Players are also encouraged to look for other chess books that concentrate on the rules of the game before they engage in games against professionals to further improve their chance of winning.



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The Use of Time Controls in Chess Tournaments

Time controls in chess tournaments should be known by players to prevent their opponents from getting an edge and have advantages at the game.

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