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The Rules Regarding the En Passant Move in Chess

Players must know the rules concerning the En Passant move since the rules will help them gain advantages in official games.

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A Notion on Illegal Chess Moves

Having a background on the legal moves that a particular chess piece can make is essential for players who want to excel in this game. Making illegal moves in formal chess games may only affect the performance of the player. In order to avoid making illegal chess moves, players are highly encouraged to first study the rules of this game before they start playing it against other players who are knowledgeable about chess.

Illegal chess moves should be prevented when participating in formal tournaments and games. It is very possible that players be given sanctions by tournament directors if they make illegal chess moves in the events. In addition, making moves in chess that are not legal will create an impression that a player is not knowledgeable about the game. In this case, the weakness of the player can be used by the opponent to have an edge in the game.

When a player is playing chess in an informal setting, making an illegal move may not have influence on the trend in the game. If an illegal move is made, the player will just have to move the piece in another square, given that there is a legal move to be made. However, if there is no available move, the player will just have to move another piece. But again, this rule only applies in informal chess games wherein players are not that conscious about the official rules in chess.

There is a different rule that applies when players are playing blitz chess or what many people know as speed chess in official settings. If a player makes an illegal move in this chess variation but the player has not yet pressed the clock, the player can retract the piece and move it to another square. However, if the clock has already been pressed by the player, the opponent can either have additional two minutes in the clock or the tournament director can forfeit the game.

Making illegal chess moves in official games is very risky. It can lead players to suffering unexpected losses. To avoid experiencing unwanted outcomes in the game, players must have a closer look on every move that they plan to make. Players should take advantage of every opportunity in the game and they should not allow their opponents to have an edge over them. In this manner, committing simple mistakes like making illegal chess moves will only be disadvantageous to players.



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