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The Rules Regarding the En Passant Move in Chess

Players must know the rules concerning the En Passant move since the rules will help them gain advantages in official games.

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Chess Books for Kids

The impact of the explosion and evolution of chess is not just manifested in the lives of chess grandmasters but also in the lives of ordinary people who show interest in the game at a young age. Proven by many scientists as one of the board games that help improve the cognition of players, chess is an alluring game that should be tried by children. Today, many chess professionals conduct workshops that aim to teach children about how this enticing game is played.

Aside from their dedication and commitment to instruct children about the game, some chess experts also write and publish chess books for children who want to excel in the game. These books are written in a manner that children will not get bored while reading their content. Most of the books written for children who play chess focus on the rules that they need to follow in case they had the chance to participate in chess tournaments.

The book entitled "First Steps in Chess," is specifically written for children who want to explore the fundamental steps in playing the game. Even if the book concentrates on the rules of chess, there are other important subjects covered by the author. By reading the book, children will have knowledge about the legal moves that each chess piece can make. They will also learn some of the opening games that they can use when they engage in actual games.

Another chess book that children can read is Todd Bardwick's "Chess Workbook for Children." The book is enticing that children will not seek assistance from their parents if they will read it. The author used terms that can be easily understood by children. The rules of the game and the fundamental tactics to be employed in chess are the focus of the book. However, there are other sections that can be used by children to enhance their knowledge about chess. These sections include crossword puzzles and quotes from famous people in the history of chess.

To look for other chess books that can be used by children, parents are suggested to search the Internet for reviews conducted by chess experts about some of the excellent chess books introduced to players. The reviews will help them assert whether a particular is book is reliable and helpful to their children. Aside from the reviews, parents will not have a hard time purchasing the books since there are sites that offer free delivery of the writings that they plan to buy.



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The Use of Time Controls in Chess Tournaments

Time controls in chess tournaments should be known by players to prevent their opponents from getting an edge and have advantages at the game.

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